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This blog has been set up to provide a forum to discuss the works included in Exit, Pursued by a Bear an exhibition put together by third year art students from IADT, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin, Ireland.   Each post contains an image and statement from one of the participants.  Feel free to leave comments about the work.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ciara Murphy Untitled, sound installation piece

Object: Piano parts

Sound Piece: 2 minutes 9 seconds. (Recorded, edited and mixed by Robert Mullen, Piano strings played by Ciara Murphy. Music written by Ciara Murphy)

The project is about memory and how people tend to remember things in fragments.  Many things from everyday life can trigger memories from the past.  The piano is filled with memories of my grandparents, particularly my Nana as she was the one who played the piano most.  I have also recorded a sound piece using the strings of the piano and a fully working keyboard.  This plays beside the piece reinforcing the fact that the piano keys no longer function as they did when the piano was whole.  They do move and can be played but no sound emanates from them anymore.  

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